Evaluation of Euclid Outreach Conference–October 30, 2008


For all of the RRR workshops held during our three years together, we used  the same four-point evaluation questions.  We wanted our same people to answer the same questions about each workshop so that we could compare data among workshops.  Since we would be presenting to different people in each different region for the RRR Outreach Conferences, I chose an open evaluation design.  Here is a sampling of what people wrote:


New Things I Learned

I learned that these people really enjoyed being together

I found an awesome website on canals


Map development

I learned several new websites to use in the classroom

I gained knowledge of a book I can use with my high school students

All about the Cultural Gardens

I learned the two-finger method of speeding up cursor to move up and down

Great U of Va. resource—library census tool

I think I would like to visit the Cultural Gardens

I  learned new information about the Ohio Erie Canal


The Best Thing About Tonight

Learning about Maureen’s application of the Cultural Gardens

Being with teachers stretching, growing, flying

Being with friends

Websites and resources


How to apply the Ohio & Erie Canal to other content areas

The enthusiasm of the presenters

Lots of great people participating in an awesome workshop

Super Ideas

The Cultural Gardens Website

The diversity of the presentations…books..canals…gardens..data

I have driven by the gardens…now I have to stop and enjoy them


Transfer to Your Classroom

Use some of Mike Sears’s resources for the canal

New ideas for canal study

Life and Death on the Canal…I learned a lot

Field Trip suggestions…I wish I could take my class

Use of new Web sites

I loved the bag of resources.  I can use all of them

I would like to take TROUBLE DON’T LAST to my classroom

I will share with my friends!

Cultural Gardens lesson plan was fantastic

Cultural heritage when we talk about celebration

Looking around me.  Knowing what’s near to teach history


Suggestions for Improvement

Are you kidding? 

How can we do a better job to get the word (and people) out?

More!  More!  More!

NONE!  This was great

I loved it!  I am so glad I attended


I wish I had more time to visit all of the sessions…instead of choosing only two

More people should have attended

Great opportunity for sharing


This type of evaluation does not give us data.  What it does is recognize in writing the great effort of the presenters.  My own sentiments echo wanting more people there.  I, too, wish I had a way of “getting the word out.”  The superintendent and the building principal, however, reassured me that they were please with the number of teachers who attended.  Teaching is a difficult job and teachers usually want to go home to their families.


In a perfect world perhaps all professional development would be scheduled during the school day.  In my years leading professional development in the public schools, I know that teachers complain about having to give up class time for professional development.  They’d rather have the time to draft lesson plans or collaborate with colleagues.


We have what we have.  I am not unhappy with the conference.  The comments indicate how well those who attended received our message.   Most of all, I am proud of our RRR presenters.  They could not have given more if there had been a thousand teachers in their audience. 


As I listened to our people interact with other teachers, I became aware of how much they had grown.  I became aware of how much I have learned in our three years of work.  It was a great day for me when I agreed to be a part of this project.


Our next Outreach Conference is in Nordonia!  I will use the same evaluation and I will report on our efforts there!