Snow Cancels Dover Conference

Originally we’d scheduled the Dover Outreach Conference for December 3.  We’d scheduled well in advance, and we thought the date would be good for everyone.  As it turned out, that night was right after Thanksgiving, and Paula Tucci and the teachers from Dover just were not ready for a conference.  Paula asked if we could reschedule the conference for January.  We did.


Paula created flyers to invite teachers from throughout her county.  She secured rooms and AV equipment.  Tony Nigro, Kelly Goodpasture, Jacqui Rebillot, Ardath Nigro, Andreas Johansson, Paula Tucci, Roni Yaxley, and Janie Talbott prepared PowerPoints and handouts for January 14.


Janie spent a day with me in Wooster reviewing her presentation and gather material.  In the days before the conference, I’d talked with just about everyone, including Rich Horton, who would make the introductory presentation.  We were ready and excited.


At noon on January 14, Ardath called to tell me that her school was closing at 1:00 because of snow.  She asked me if we were still on.  “Of course!” I told her.  Roni called at 1:45 to tell me that the roads were bad.  She had taken a ½ day of personal leave, and was driving from Euclid to meet me in Wooster.  She would not make it by 2:00.


Roni made it to my house by 2:20.  At 2:30 Paula called to tell us that Dover had cancelled all after school activities and planned to close the buildings at 4:00.  We had no choice but to cancel.  Roni and I dialed all of our brave people to tell them not to make the trip to Dover.  We reached everyone except Rich, who had his phone on vibrate and didn’t feel the calls come in.  We did not reach Andreas, either.  He’d left his cell phone at home.  Both men crawled on the snowy roads only to find Dover High School locked. 


I begged Roni to stay the night in Wooster, but she was afraid she’d get snowed in.  She told me if Euclid had a snow day, she’d rather be in her own home.  So, she crawled on the snowy roads back to Euclid.  I froze the cookies I’d prepared, and I pouted for the rest of the evening.  (I just can’t stand it when I have no control.)


Paula and I agreed to reschedule.  The snow has really been a formidable foe.  At this point, I am doubtful that we will be able to find a date.  I am waiting for Paula to call me and tell me she’s found an evening when the good people of Dover and surrounding districts will be able to hear our message.


I have all the materials that my friends at Curriculum Associates donated to our cause.  I also have THE GREAT MIGRATION books for all those who attend.  I will just have to wait to hear from Paula.  I hope I will be able to share a glowing report soon of a successful conference. 


Such brave hearts!  I thank you for your valiant efforts.